7 Perfectly Named Objects That Totally Aren’t Made Up

7 Perfectly Named Objects That Totally Aren’t Made Up

7 Perfectly Named Objects That Totally Aren’t Made Up, Picking the perfect name for something isn’t as easy as it sounds. When it comes to new products, the name usually has to both explain what the item does and be catchy enough for marketing purposes. And when it comes to naming children, you have to be even more careful. You can’t name your boy Stinky McChuckles and be sore when he chooses stand-up comedy over law school. And you’re not doing your daughter any favors if you saddle her with a name like Candi Sugarlove. So here are eight pictures of aptly named things that got it just right.

1: A different kind of “Jesus Nut.”

The “Jesus Nut” is the pin that holds everything in place on top of a helicopter. If it were to somehow come off, the main rotor would detach, the propeller blades would be rendered useless, and the helicopter would just plummet. Hence the name, because if that piece does come off, your only option is to pray that you don’t meet Jesus.

2: This octopus is one of several species known as Dumbo Octopuses.

They’re called this because of the weird fins on their head that resemble the ears of Disney’s cartoon elephant, Dumbo. 

3: Get it? Wink wink, nudge nudge, guffaw…

4: As long as they got that sweet red sauce, I don’t even care.

5: Is… is he just sitting in his truck?

6: This handsome devil is a Black Swallower.

Found at depths of up to 10,000 feet below the surface, the average Black Swallower is only about 10 inches long, but it often swallows and consumes animals that are double its length and 10 times its size!

7: This suburb of Cairo, Egypt is known as Garbage City.

Its real name is Manshiyat Naser, but it’s commonly called Garbage City because the area’s entire economy revolves around the collecting of trash and turning it into money.

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