11 Cringeworthy Facts About The Human Body

11 Cringeworthy Facts About The Human Body

11 Cringeworthy Facts About The Human Body, The human body is an unbelievably complicated biological machine. It is made up of millions of different types of cells that work in concert to create you. As we all know, though, this magnificent collection of biological systems can be pretty disgusting at times. A group of Reddit users were given the task to come up with some of the most disturbing facts about the human body, and they were beautifully cringeworthy.

1: I love the top comment for this fact on Reddit.

2: “When you blush, the lining of your stomach blushes too.” – nervoushark

3: “Three hundred million of your cells die every minute.” – SUPERLARGEPRINT

4: “If you could scrunch together all the bacteria living on the outside of your body, they would take up about the same amount of space as a pea.” – [deleted]

5: “After giving birth, ladies are advised [that] they don’t need to tell the doctor about the huge clots falling out their vagina until they’re bigger than a lemon.” – McSpackle

6: “We all have mites in our eyelashes which embed their heads into your hair follicles.” – MaxQuordlepleen

Demodex mites are .

7: “Had brain surgery — did you know, in some cases, they peel your face forward like a banana peel [during surgery]?”

8: “If you ever see the skull of a child, you will see teeth where I do not want teeth to be. The photographs made me so ill. Their heads are just filled with teeth!”

9: “You have a friendly symbiotic relationship with bacteria in your gut that keeps you healthy and helps you digest food. When you die, they will eat you.” – tongmengjia

10: Apparently, bones can develop cancer… “This is the skull of someone who had bone cancer.” – hell_monkey

11: “Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in their lifetimes” – Honkeyass

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