Your Dog When He’s Trying To Tell You Something

Your Dog When He’s Trying To Tell You Something

Your Dog When He's Trying To Tell You Something 5

Commonly, dog owners to refer to themselves as their pets’ parents, and there’s a kind of logic to that. But a lot of parents could tell you there’s another element to this too. Much like with kids, you can love your pets and not understand them at the same time. But while parents might be confused about whatever hip new phrase their kid keeps spouting, they have the luxury of otherwise speaking the same language. So until someone finally invents a dog-to-human translator, you’re going to have to learn to read your dog’s body language.Your Dog When He’s Trying To Tell You Something. 

1: Chewing on furniture.

2: Sitting on your feet.

If none of these apply, your dog probably just likes to be around you.

3: Hunching over and making himself look small.

4: Tongue flicking.

5: Calmly staring at you as you leave the house.

If she’s just looking at you and there’s no evidence of any unrest while you were away, then you and your dog are right where you need to be.

6: Yawning.

7: Constant eye contact.

8: Bringing things to you.

9: Leaning on you.

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