Women Wears Sports Bra To Break Societal Norms

Women Wears Sports Bra To Break Societal Norms

Women Wears Sports Bra To Break Societal Norms 4


You go to the gym to get fit and healthy. You don’t go to feel self conscious or be judged. So when one girl wore a little bit less and showed a little bit more, she was prepared for the worst. But she was surprised in more than one way from the gym experience she had.Women Wears Sports Bra To Break Societal Norms  


Lauren Del Turco was a lifeguard when she was younger, so she’s used to wearing Speedos and exposing some skin.

She thought that when she went to the gym she would rock a fearless style, but instead she found herself shy, especially with so many staring eyes. Women will cover up, afraid to strip a layer while the guy next to them is wearing barely anything and still oozing confidence. 

So when Lauren’s editor for Women’s Health suggested she go to the gym in just a sports bra, she was nervous at the thought alone.

At 7 a.m. she was at the gym, taking off her shirt in the locker room and already feeling exposed, even though no one could see her. She pushed through her workout in an empty studio but made sure to put her shirt back on as she headed back into the locker room.



First she noticed she didn’t get in trouble.

Next, some guys stared at her and one even stopped his workout to check her out. But she appreciated her body. Glancing at herself in the mirror as she did her warm-up, she saw just how powerful and fit her body really was.


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And lastly but most importantly, she realized it wasn’t a big deal.

Lauren realized the only reason working out in a sports bra was a “big deal” was because she was making it one. She wasn’t as red-faced as past workouts and she didn’t like being sexualized by guys, but she found that what matters most is that women shouldn’t have someone else dictating what they should or should not wear to the gym. 




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