That Black Diamond On A Tape Measure Is Actually For

That Black Diamond On A Tape Measure Is Actually For

You know what a tape measures is used for, but most people have no idea what those tiny black diamonds are for. It’s one of those things that we’ve all seen, but likely wouldn’t be able to tell you what it’s used for. So listen up all guys and gals, this might come in handy the next time you break out the tools to get some renovation work done on your home. That Black Diamond On A Tape Measure Is Actually For.  

We all know what a tape measurer is used for, but most of us don’t know how to take advantage of all of the nifty markings on it. These markings are most familiar to us.

On top, the larger numbers represent inches, and the smaller numbers on the bottom indicate centimeters. 

Ever notice those circled Roman numerals? These represent the level of accuracy the tape measure has.

The smaller the numeral, the more accurate the tape measure is. Some tapes don’t even have a guaranteed level of accuracy.

The numbers circled on the left here just indicate the total length of the tape measure.

Manufacturers are required by law to print the length on the tape itself.

What about the black diamond?

The black diamonds can actually show up as black circles as well.

The markings allow for five trusses to be made in an eight-foot space.

If you try dividing 8 feet (96 inches) into five, you get 19.2 inches. 

Accomplishing an accurate measurement becomes difficult because of the decimal point, but not with those black diamonds around.

Here is a video detailing why the black diamond is so useful.

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