The Most Restricted Places On Earth

The Most Restricted Places On Earth

The Most Restricted Places On Earth,It’s almost hard to believe that, at one point, there were no vehicles, planes, or technology in general. At one point, expecting to travel the world was such an absurd notion. Well, now we’re able to do all of those things with relative ease. It’s really easy to forget that the internet is just a bunch of data that needs to be stored somewhere. Well, believe it or not, people usually hide that data in heavily encouraged areas.

1: Mezhgorye, Bashkortostan

Except you’re one of the town’s 17,000 inhabitants, you’re not getting in. The federal government of Russia has made it so no one can gain access to the town due to the fact that there are secretive Russian companies inside.

2: HavenCo, Sealand

While not technically recognized as its own nation, Sealand was formed on a WWII anti-aircraft platform, just off the coast of Suffolk, England,There’s no way you could enter.

3: Bahnhof/Wikileaks, Sweden

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Wikileaks. They’ve been publishing information about governments around the world for quite some time. 

4: Snake Island, Brazil

Just off the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil, is the island referred to as “Snake Island.” The Brazillian government has banned anyone from visiting the island due to the fact that it is so heavily infected with snakes, but not just normal snakes.

5: Club 33, United States

Club 33 was originally a restaurant in Disneyland. It ended up becoming a secret club that Walt Disney used to entertain high-class people. A secret panel in the doorway reveals a buzzer, though you have to know how to use it to get in.

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6: Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

The Vatican Secret Archives belong to the Bishop of Rome, though they’re not actually secret. 

7: Area 51, United States

 Not only that, but no one really knows what goes on inside. Area 51 is one of the most secretive places… Ever.

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