The Dumbest Construction Fails Ever

The Dumbest Construction Fails Ever

The Dumbest Construction Fails Ever 7

After installing a toilet, I built a house. I’ve never built a bridge, but I’m pretty sure I know that doors are supposed to go places and bridges are supposed to be in one piece. Here are some constructions fails range from the worst DIY home repairs to apartment buildings made in the middle of roads. The Dumbest Construction Fails Ever.

1. “In one drawer I keep my cutlery, and in the other my inability to think things through.”

2. I think this is supposed to be like a relaxation fountain.

3. Decorative balconies are so “in” right now.

4. He’s been waiting for Rapunzel outside that door for like 10 years.

5. Wait til you see the elevator.

6. Must resist urge to do a 360.

7. This is the “his” closet.

8. Where’s Officer Jack Traven when you need him?

9. Taking runners’ rights a little too far.

10. “I might not be able to see you, but you can’t see me.”

11. If you can reach the door, you get to know what exactly they keep in there.

12. Combination outlet-drinking fountain. Two birds, one idiot.

13. Slide of doom.

14. Wow.

15. “For people in a rush to get nowhere in life.” Wait, that actually describes people. Next trend: construction-fail-metaphor-art.

16. Problem solved.

17. “They said it was the law. There. Complied.”

18. At least it’s a nice door.



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