Some Times Real Life Played Out Like ‘The Truman Show’


Some Times Real Life Played Out Like ‘The Truman Show’

Some Times Real Life Played Out Like 'The Truman Show' 2

A TV show, The Truman Show was a movie where Truman Burbank’s whole life was the subject. While this would normally just mean he’d have cameras following him around all his life, this show’s producers went even further and constructed a fake town for him to spend his whole life in.

Even if you have seen the movie, you might not be aware that a similar delusion exists in real life. People with this syndrome “believe their family, friends, and co-workers are all reading from scripts and their home, workplace, and hospital are all sets. They believe they are being filmed for the whole world to see.”The phenomenon has been observed both in those who seek the spotlight and those who fear it

However, this fear of living in a TV show can be a little easier to understand than some of us may realize. At the very least, we may feel inclined to believe that our every move is closely being watched.


1: This same effect can make stores a killing through impulse buy items.

2: People on Facebook reacted to a government plan to enact martial law without knowing it came from a satirical paper.

This is why it’s helpful to remember not to give in to these Truman Show feelings too much.


3: Customers didn’t like eBay’s new background, so they subtly rolled it out anyway.

Back when the website had a yellow background, the company wanted to change it to white.


4: A Houston airport decreased its guests’ complaints with a little trickery.

Instead, they moved around the arrival gates and luggage carousels so it took flyers six times longer to reach the claim.

5: Some garden suppliers glue fake flowers to their cacti.

This gives the impression that the flower blooms for longer than usual.

6: The bookshelves in this coffee shop aren’t real.

If this were The Truman Show, there’d be a dramatic music sting as he tried to touch them.


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Yet there are even more subtle ways for businesses to make you forget you’re waiting for something.

7: Have you ever wondered why so many elevators have mirrors next to them?

As long as you’re keeping yourself occupied this way, you won’t notice how long the elevator is taking to arrive.

At least, that’s the idea.


8: You have to search the picture for clues to see what’s really going on here.

9: This would be a pretty unnerving sight to stumble upon.

10: For some reason, these real bricks are covered with fake bricks.

If we ripped it off, it would be hard not to expect someone to shout, “Hey, stop wrecking the set!”

11: Sometimes our pets can feel just as weirded out as us.

12: It looks the part, but no bus is going to come to this stop.

At this point, staff will tell them that the bus is coming later and invite them back to the nursing home for coffee.



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