Some Symbols That People Don’t Know Actually Mean Something

Some Symbols That People Don’t Know Actually Mean Something

Some Symbols That People Don't Know Actually Mean Something 2

Walking along a city street, for example, there are hundreds upon hundreds of signs and symbols to guide us through life, but do we really pay attention to them all? Believe it or not, we are surrounded by object or symbols that mean something, but almost no one knows their true meaning or just never considered thinking about it. Here are Symbols that People Don’t Know Actually Mean Something.

1. While not technically a symbol.

I don’t mean that it just tells you the expiry date, either.

2. If you look closely, the logo for Toblerone chocolate bars has a hidden bear in it!

3. The late Stardust Casino in Las Vegas had a very recognizable cloud design.

4. Did you know that the pink part of the text in the Baskin Robbins logo spells out “31”?

That’s the number of flavors they offer!

5. The portrait of Abraham Lincoln was designed by Victor David Brenner.

6.You probably never thought about it.

7. You know that little arrow on the gas gauge in your vehicle?

8. Believe it or not, those golden arches that make up the McDonald’s logo have an odd background.

9. Ever wonder why the ‘pause’ symbol is two parallel lines?

10. You know that interesting striped pole found on the outside of some barber shops?

11. Talk about one of the more confusing symbols, where did the USB symbol come from?

12. See the hidden symbol in the Hershey Kisses logo?

If you look closely between the ‘K’ and ‘I’ in ‘Kisses’ you will notice that there is a hidden Hershey Kiss! Whoaaaaaaaa. 

The color of the tag actually tells you what day of the week it was freshly shipped.

You can keep that little secret with you the next time you pick up a loaf. 

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