Some Apocalypse Hacks You’ll Need When The World Ends

Some Apocalypse Hacks You’ll Need When The World Ends

Some Apocalypse Hacks You'll Need When The World Ends 12

That society, we know it has just broken down–zombies have overrun the world, climate change has turned the planet into a desert hell, Donald Trump has been elected president, you pick your favorite.Some Apocalypse Hacks You’ll Need When The World Ends.

In this scenario, do you think that you have what it take to survive? But if you don’t think you’re ready, try out these survival hacks and get ready the (Presidential) election is next year. 

1: Use your wristwatch as a makeshift compass.

2:  Use a juice can for a stove.

3: Cheetos and Doritos make great fire starters.

4: Or start a fire with anything, really.

5: Use a soda can to make a camp stove.

6: Use the leaves.

7: Use dental floss as a snare.

8: Get some extra electric juice from a lemon and some coins.

9: Run out of candles and need light? A crayon will burn for about a half hour.

10: Make your own baking soda toothpaste.

11: Duct tape can help you deal with blisters.


12: Or use it to open stubborn jars.


13: Navigate the waters using a tarp raft.


14: Capture water with a plastic sheet.


15: Use your fingers to see how much daylight remains.


16: Use steel wool and a battery as a lighter.


17:  Treat bites and itches with salt water.


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