Mom Loses Over 150 Pounds And Becomes Cosplay And Pinup Queen She Dreamed Of


Mom Loses Over 150 Pounds And Becomes Cosplay And Pinup Queen She Dreamed Of



We all have goals.Whether it’s to be fitter, smarter, richer, kinder, and calmer — we all have things we want to work on. We all have changes we could or would make. But life has this hilarious way of coming in and distracting you at every chance it gets.

Tomorrow. You’ll work harder tomorrow. You’ll figure it out tomorrow. You’ll care more tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes today and today all too often gets wasted on other worries. It’s a story we know all too well. 


1. This is Casey Gemmell’s incredible story. 

It’s the story of how one mother-of-three transformed her life for the better after looking at just one photo. 



2. Her story starts before she ever saw the photo, though.




3. She was excited, that is, until she realized her 5XL costume wouldn’t fit. She improvised and was still left unhappy with the results:

“When I first saw the party photos, I didn’t think it was me. I looked nothing like BatGirl, it was more like ‘FatGirl’.”

She didn’t post a photo of the costume this time around.


4. She knew then and there she had to make a change.


5. She didn’t want to be the cuddly mum anymore, though.

Enough was enough for her: she wanted to look the way she felt. 


6. She wanted to be the batgirl she felt she was inside.

Her transformation would be tricky as she’d grown used to “sneaking food.”


7. She knew that if she really wanted to reach her goals, she’d have to stop with the leftovers.

She’d have to stop eating what her children wouldn’t.

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8. She’d have to say goodbye to junk food and sugary drinks, too.

Let me be clear here: this is no easy feat for a busy mom!


9. Inspired to change, Glemmell downloaded a running app. At first, she didn’t have much faith, but she had her goals to help her along.



10. “As i became slimmer, it became a goal of mine to fit into the costume I’d been busting out of. I dedicated myself to my target and ran every day, eating only salads and lean meats for dinner. Junk food was dead to me.”

The dedicated effort paid off — so much so that the costume was now much too large for her. She rigged it up with a belt.
All these changes inspired her to do something else too…check it out on the next page. 


11. I posed for photos with my family — in full heroine gear — it was a real first for me. It was such an amazing achievement.”

The achievement led her to try something else as well.


12. Goals achieved. This mom is healthier, happier, and slaying the cosplay and pinup look! 




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