Hard To Solve Fish Riddle

Hard To Solve Fish Riddle

Hard To Solve Fish Riddle 2

Everyone have this experience, we get those epic questions that have us all scratching our heads.Why are we here? What is our purpose? How exactly WOULD a dog wear pants? Some may never be answered. Hopefully, you can figure out this simple puzzle. Hard To Solve Fish Riddle.

Everything’s going pretty smoothly so far.

I’m no math genius (note the fact I chose a life in a creative field as proof) but I’m pretty sure the 10 fingers I have on my hand will help me get through this one. 

Now all of those pets from my childhood came rushing back to memory.

What would poor Fin think about me treating his short fish life like some twisted math problem? What would Flipper think if I just labeled her along with so many other nameless fish friends just for a quick brain teaser? This clearly got emotional. 

Accurate depiction of me trying to solve this one. (Check the next page for the answer!)

And then I got sad.

Curse you math! You are a cruel mistress. 

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