Girl Bullied For Droopy Face Caused By Tumor Has Life-Changing Surgery

Girl Bullied For Droopy Face Caused By Tumor Has Life-Changing Surgery

Girl Bullied For Droopy Face Caused By Tumor Has Life-Changing Surgery 11


Earth is such a massive and wonderful place. It’s filled with so much diversity that we can never truly know what we’ll find. For example, people are constantly finding new species of animals, despite humans being present for such a long time.While this isn’t always the case, it tends to be true when people have disorders that are easily seen and are less common. Thankfully, many people are able to develop a mindset where they refuse to let others bring them down.

Meet Sarah Atwell.


Sarah was born with a rare disorder called Neurofibromatosis.


Neurofibromatosis is a hereditary disorder, meaning it was passed down from her parents.


Sarah’s disorder causes tumors to grow on the nerve endings in her body.

Sadly, these tumors can occur in many different places, but in Sarah’s case, a tumor happened to grow on her face.


Her parents began to notice something was off when Sarah was still a baby.


Her parents were beginning to notice that her face was changing in a somewhat unusual manner. Sadly, despite her diagnosis, Sarah was left with bad news.


While the tumor that was growing on her face was entirely cosmetic, no one was willing to operate on Sarah. As such, she went on for years with the tumor growing on her face.


This resulted in her enduring a massive amount of bullying from classmates. She held strong though.


The bullying wouldn’t break Sarah.

Instead, she took it upon herself to show that, like anybody else, the comments hurt her and that she was becoming overwhelmed by the negativity.


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After so long, Sarah’s story had finally caught someone’s attention and she was given a glimmer of hope. Sarah’s video led her to get in touch with Dr. Steven Morris, a Plastic surgeon.


While the surgery was risky, both Dr. Morris and Sarah agreed to go through with it.


After multiple surgeries, Sarah has completely changed in appearance.


But despite her physical changes, she’s still the positive and kind woman she always was.


Despite the years of bullying and abuse, Sarah’s willingness to thrive helped her stay strong.

(Before surgery)


Sarah’s story is truly heartwarming and goes to show that, no matter what we look like on the outside, we all still deserve the same treatment.

(Before surgery)




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