Fascinating ‘Boy Meets World’ Facts


Fascinating ‘Boy Meets World’ Facts

Fascinating 'Boy Meets World' Facts 8

Unquestionable truth, that Boy Meets World was one of the most popular, most influential television shows of the ’90s – if not, of all-time! Impressionable kids and teens (myself included) would eagerly anticipate each week’s episode. The wisdom laid down from Mr. Feeny, the unbreakable bond between Cory and Sean, the consistently hilarious zingers from older brother, Eric…everything about this show was absolute perfection. Fascinating ‘Boy Meets World’ Facts

M sure, the more recent adaptation of the series, Girl Meets World, didn’t work out like the original but that was to be expected. I mean, how anyone is supposed to top the epic greatness that is Boy Meets World.

Everyone love to show (obviously) and we couldn’t wait to learn more about it.


3. If you think you’ve recognized the high school used in Boy Meets World, you’d be right! This same school was also used in many popular movies, such as Pretty In PinkTransformers, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.


1. When the show shifted its focus on to Cory’s “college years,” there was an episode in which Ben Savage’s real-life brother, Fred Savage, played a professor. Nicely done!


5. The character of Mr. Feeny eventually marries Dean Bolander, played by the always-talented Bonnie Bartlett. Did you know that William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) is actually married to Bonnie in real life. It’s true! How cool is that?!




4. Though this cast is chock-full of memorable characters, the only ones to appear in every single of the 158 episode are Rider Strong and Ben Savage.


2. The parts of Alan & Eric Matthews (Cory’s father and brother) were originally played by Matt McCoy and Harry Barandes, respectively. It was only after they shot the pilot that producers replaced them with William Russ and Will Friedle.


6. You may be surprised to learn that Topanga was only supposed to serve as a low-level antagonist – used in only a few scenes here and there.


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9. If you pay close attention to the dialogue in the show, the origin story of how Topanga first met Cory always seems to change. The locations, the times – they never match up. Weird, yet super interesting…


7. While most actors have to audition for any/every role they acquire, Maitland Ward (who played Rachel McGuire on the show) never had to try out – not even once. Way to go Maitland!


11. Speaking of “multiple roles,” the role of Topanga’s father was recast multiple times during the show’s seven season run. In order, the actors were: Peter Tork, Michael McKean, and Mark Harelik.



8. Looks like these producers know perfect casting when they see it, huh?


10. Famed character actor Willie Garson appears a number of times throughout the series – but as three different people!


12. The Disney Channel banned three episodes of Boy Meets World: “Prom-ises, Prom-ises,” “If You Can’t Be with the One You Love…,” and “The Truth About Honesty.”





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