Easy Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing


Easy Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing

Easy Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing 13

I love myself a good fast food meal every now and then. And when I say “every now and then,” I actually mean decently-often. If you thought your favorite fast food joint couldn’t get any better, it’s about to. There are multiple hacks available to make your guilty pleasure dining experiences more enjoyable, and many of them will even save you a few bucks. So, have a look on these fast food hacks. Easy Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing.


1. On the topic of McDonald’s, if you ask for fries without salt on them, they’ll have to make you a fresh batch of fries. Yum!

2. Did you know that you can add rice to any order at Chipotle for free?! I sure didn’t. 


3. The best bun on the Mcdonald’s menu is undoubtedly the steamed bun on the Filet-O-Fish. It’s soft, fluffy, and not tough like most of the other buns. Ask to swap out regulars for this delicious one instead.


4.  Almost every fast food restaurant has a secret menu. These items are definitely not official, but employees will make them for you the majority of the time.


5. I always find that one half of my Subway subs are always drenched in sauce, while the other half is lacking. Avoid this imbalance by carrying your sub like so!

6. Ask for any of your Taco Bell favorites to be grilled a second time. This makes them crunchier, and oh-so-good.

7. Many smoothie-lovers are unaware that Jamba Juice employees are required to abide by substitution requests. The options are basically endless.

8. Buy McDonald’s chicken nuggets in quantities of four. This is actually cheaper than buying them in bulk, plus you’ll get more dipping sauces. Double score!

9. This is pure genius. Simply flip back one side of your fries carton to strategically get at that ketchup.

10. The best tip for getting fresh, hot, fast food is by going during rush times. You’re more likely to get a better meal at noon than if you were to go at 3 p.m. 

11. Ask for your Starbucks drink in an upgraded cup to prevent spills and leakage.

12. By customizing your Burger King burger, you’ll get a fresh-from-the-grill patty instead of one that’s potentially been set aside for hours.

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13. Although this McDonald’s item isn’t on the menu, there is such thing as an apple pie McFlurry. And yes, it involves crushed up pieces of their delicious apple pie.

14. Save between $2.30-$2.50 on a Big Mac by simply ordering a Double Cheeseburger (or McDouble) and replacing the ketchup and mustard with pickles, extra lettuce, and special sauce.   

This is where I’m wishing McDonald’s did delivery.

15. Get more beef at Arby’s by ordering two junior roast beef sandwiches instead of one regular roast beef sandwich.

16. Some McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches come made with folded eggs. If you ask for a round egg instead, it will be far fresher since the round ones are many right then and there in an egg ring! 

17. Instead of the Philly Cheese Steak, order the Double Steak and Cheese at Subway to get more meat for less.

18. At Jack-In-The-Box, order two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers off the value menu to get a less expensive version of the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger.

19. Order your burger “Off the Broiler” at Burger King to get a patty that hasn’t been sitting in a warming tray.

20. Get the Triple Layer Nachos without beans or sauce instead of the Chips and Cheese at Taco Bell to get more chips, with the cheese already poured over them, for less. 

21. Rather than creating your own smoothie from scratch, customize your drink at Jamba Juice – just substitute strawberries for blueberries if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

22. Maximize your Chipotle order by ordering a burrito bowl with double wrap (two tortillas) on the side, both kinds of rice, types of beans, half of two meats, fajita veggies, and corn salsa.

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