Doctors Help Woman 10 Years After Her Face Was Injected With Cement


Doctors Help Woman 10 Years After Her Face Was Injected With Cement

Doctors Help Woman 10 Years After Her Face Was Injected With Cement 5


If you’ve anytime had a dream taken abroad from you, you apperceive the activity of absolute confusion and disability that follows. The abuse of it gets your claret baking like annihilation else.

 But you can’t aloof accord up on a dream, right? Even afterwards the injustice, you accept to acquisition a way to accumulate activity forward. And back amends is assuredly served, it’s all the sweeter.


Just look at the nightmare Rajee went through. The sun has finally risen for her, but it was a long, dark night until then.

After a confusing adolescence, Rajee Narinesingh finally came to a

turning point in her life: she was transgender.

And so, in 2003, she decided to undergo a transformation. “The last thing I wanted was to look like a man in a dress,” she says”I wanted to be a beautiful woman.”


For part of that transformation, she sought injections to re-shape her cheeks, lips, and chin.


Unfortunately, she went to see Oneal Ron Morris, who didn’t just botch

the procedure; she sabotaged it.

She now faces manslaughter charges in that death.



During Rajee’s visit, Morris injected her face with tire sealant and


As you might imagine, Rajee developed hard lumps in her face, one of which even exploded.


She was left disfigured, embarrased, and ashamed. She didn’t even feel

like she could go to the police.

The plastic surgery that was supposed to turn her life around did the exact opposite.

In 2012, Rajee finally sought help, and after a long process now has a new look…


Rajee went to see Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, the surgeons on

the TV show Botched.

And that wasn’t the only issue, as even an attempt to remove the cement would make her face an “inflammatory mess”. 


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After some examination, the doctors came up with a strategy..

And after the surgery, she was all smiles.


“It’s a pretty major improvement,” Rajee said

“I look in the mirror and think, “Wow. I’m excited about the future and the wonderful possibilities it holds for me”.”



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