Cars That Put Your Honda Civic To Shame

Cars That Put Your Honda Civic To Shame

Cars That Put Your Honda Civic To Shame 6

High school kid’s who wasted money on modifications for their cars were always the worst. They used to loiter in the school parking lot with their hoods popped and music blaring as the people filed onto school buses to go home. At night, they’d do the same thing at the local McDonald’s. I guess I can’t be too hard on them. Still, I would rather have no car than drive a cringe-worthy piece of junk like ones on this list.Cars That Put Your Honda Civic To Shame.

1: How dare they ruin one of the greatest vehicles Buick ever made

2: A boat car that doesn’t float is definitely the worst of both worlds

3: As you can see he’s a really big fan


4: I’m sorry, but this is a dumb car

5: A bonafide road shark

6: I’d drive this

7: The alien hunter is on the move

8: But can it fly, though?

9: Only one spoiler, bro? Get on his LEVEL!

10: Slap on a set of wings and you’ve got yourself a jet aircraft, dude

11: This modification makes no sense

Going out of their way to make the whip look like a rust bucket 

12: When your spoiler looks like a bike rack



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