Camping Hacks To Make The Outdoors Great Again

Camping Hacks To Make The Outdoors Great Again

Camping Hacks To Make The Outdoors Great Again 11

The challenges only increase when you throw in kids. Camping is one of those things that often looks better on paper than in real life. When a little forward thinking and a little help from our friend the internet can make you’re next camping trip a breeze.Camping Hacks To Make The Outdoors Great Again

1: Instead of taking a carton of eggs you know are just going to smash…

2: You can skip some other steps, too. You want to spend your camping trip with the kids, not tied to the camp cooker.

3: How many times have you or the kids tripped over tent ropes?

4: Camping takes on a whole new level of unpleasantness when the only roll of toilet paper gets wet or dirty.

5: One of the things you should know about the great outdoors: there’s wind there.

6: You’ll also need some large clothes pegs and weights to keep the tablecloth on the actual table.

7: Mesh laundry bags hanging from the tree are a great way to dry your dishes.

8: Solar stake lights are a simple way to light up the perimeter of your tent, or shine a path to the bathroom.

9: Line the tent floor with interlocking foam squares for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

10: You can use a shower cap to keep the flies and bugs off the food.

11: What you don’t want to take camping with you is overly large stuff, like big blocks of soap.

12: Cooking can be a real challenge when camping, especially after realizing you’ve left the can opener at home.

13: S’mores as an occasional treat for the kids are fine and all, but every night is a bit much.

14: Instead of packing the whole tube of toothpaste…

15: Hang a flashlight in an empty jug for cheap and easy camp lighting.

16: Have emergency duct tape without carrying a bulky roll.

17: Make a homemade calamine lotion for any problem itches.

18: Bring some canned crescent dough for a fun alternative to s’mores.

19: Another way to start a fire easily is by packing charcoal in an empty egg carton.

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