Camera Containing Photos Of A Man’s Late Wife Is Returned A Year After Being Stolen

Camera Containing Photos Of A Man’s Late Wife Is Returned A Year After Being Stolen


Sometimes abhorrent things appear that aloof don’t accomplish sense. After such an event, you ability appetite to aloof accord up and not authority out hope.

For Dave Lacey of Santa Ana, California, this was absolutely the case.

Out of all the items stolen, the best allusive account was his camera that captivated all of his memories of his backward wife. He never anticipation he’d see the camera again, until one buzz app led to a miracle!

Dave and Erica Lacey were married in 2009.

The wedding planning had gone ahead despite one huge hiccup.


Not long before their nuptials, Erica had a cold that just wouldn’t go away.

Eventually, she went to see the doctor, and the news wasn’t good.


They found two large tumors in Erica’s chest behind her diaphragm.

She had a rare aggressive form of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.



In 2011, Dave said goodbye to Erica.

She passed away two short years after the wedding.


Dave and Erica’s family held a memorial event to celebrate Erica’s life.



But one year after Erica’s celebration of life, another terrible thing happened to Dave.

Someone broke into his home and stole all of his most valued possessions. 


Among these stolen items, which included his Xbox, was the camera.

The camera that held every happy moment of Dave and Erica’s last two years together.


This man called the police and gave detectives Paul McClaskey and Jerry Verdugo the information.

They immediately went to the apartment indicated by the iPhone app.

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At the apartment, the stolen computer was found, among some other stolen items.

Police arrested David Aguilar and his girlfriend Monica Molina on burglary charges, to which they plead guilty.



Stacks of receipts from various pawn shops were found lying around the apartment.

Using the receipts, police were able to track down other stolen items at a local pawn shop.Including Dave’s camera.


Detective McClaskey turned on the camera to see hundreds of photos of a young woman’s funeral.

At the time, the detectives had no clue who the camera belonged to, but they happened to recognized a unique blue house that they’d driven by before.


When Dave got the call that his beloved camera had been found, he was in disbelief.



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