Brain Hemorrhage Left Malori Maddox Without Motor Skills

Brain Hemorrhage Left Malori Maddox Without Motor Skills

Brain Hemorrhage Left Malori Maddox Without Motor Skills 3


We are living in the world, where day-to-day basis, we all don’t know what will happens next. Of course we plan best for us but we can’t make sure it will happened as it is….that we want. As a result, sometimes we can be subject to some pretty serious tragedies. Sicknesses like cancer seemingly come out of nowhere, but they are usually quite progressive. Other things can come out of nowhere, leaving otherwise healthy people completely unable to move. Here is a story of Malori Maddox, who is completely effected with Brain Hemorrhage.


Malori had no history of sickness — nothing. When she made it to the hospital, the doctors found that she had suffered from a brain hemorrhage, but not just a normal one.


It turned out that Malori’s hemorrhage was the result of an underlying condition no one was aware she had.



Meet Malori Maddox.


Up until November 10th, Malori was a healthy, athletic volleyball player at Lubbock Christian University.


Malori’s brain hemorrhage was a result of arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), which causes a tangle of blood vessels, ultimately leading a loss of motor skills.

While it is possible for an AVM to appear out of nowhere, most are present at birth.


But Malori wasn’t ready to give up, and neither was her family. She began therapy as soon as she was able to, feeding herself for the first time nine days after the incident.


Eventually, her then boyfriend, Tyler, proposed to her (she said yes!).


On November 10th, Malori collapsed in the locker room during a game.



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She is even able to do a ponytail now! While even healthy people can become sick out of nowhere, Malori’s story is proof that people can persevere in the face of adversity.


Her family created a Facebook page, Pray for Malori, which documents her progress.


Since she was initially hospitalized, Malori has made massive leaps.




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