Babies That Resemble Things That Aren’t Babies

Babies That Resemble Things That Aren’t Babies

Babies That Resemble Things That Aren't Babies 7


I had a math teacher who looked like an old turtle. It didn’t help that he wore a lot of green and brown clothes, but that’s beside the point. Just because someone resembles something else doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be a bad thing. One of my friends sometimes looks like Nicholas Cage. But he can also pull off Justin Trudeau. Show me where any of that is a bad thing. Babies That Resemble Things That Aren’t Babies.

Babies are naturally one of the funniest things. The only thing better than a person looking like something or someone else is a baby looking like someone or something else.Babies That Resemble Things That Aren’t Babies

1: There was a sale on fruit!

      Maybe this is a hint at this little guy’s nickname?


2: Make A Wish

       I wonder what kind of dandelion this is, but it’s very cute.


3: This neighborhood’s got a new menace.

       Taking over the role of Dennis the Menace can’t be easy, but this kid looks up to the task.


4: Heartbreaker

       As handsome as Brad Pitt already? Guard your hearts, ladies.


5: Little Old Man

       My, Don Rickles, you look don’t look a day over 75. What moisturizer do you use?


6: Cabbage Patch Kids come in pairs now!

       The resemblance here is so strong, you might mistake her for a doll herself!


7: Who is who?

       That baby can’t be Wallace Shawn! Inconceivable! 

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8: Marshmallow Boy

      This little guy looks so much like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and now I want to watch some Ghostbusters.


9: Such expression.

      The world is her oyster with eyebrows like Nathan Lane.


10: Humpty Dumpty had a son.

         The bowtie definitely sells it!


11: Uncanny resemblance.

          They look so alike right from their button nose to their moobs.







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