9 Insane Ways Russians Get Through Winter

9 Insane Ways Russians Get Through Winter

Russia, a old-fashioned, conservative nation with strong traditions and a well-established way of life founded on respect for authority, courage, and strength. The Russian people are no strangers to tough times – every year brings a notoriously crushing winter, which shapes the people who have to endure it. Some Insane Ways Russians Get Through Winter. 

Russians don’t let a little cold weather stifle their creativity or sense of fun. They’re going to live their lives however they want, and pull off whatever crazy stunts they want to no matter the temperature. 

1: Just your average Russian cab ride…

2: How bad is this kid’s neighborhood?

3: The snow drifts will stop you anyway.

4: Anybody up for some Tetris?

5: To your average Russian destination.

With your average Russian friends.

6: Because sometimes you just have to chill with your homies…

7: Just out for a jaunty ride around Moscow with the rag-top down and the snowfall fallin’.

Which you’ll see is always preferable to the cabs.

8: Stop sign frozen over? Not a problem in Russia…

9: Apparently Russia also has some ridiculous team-building exercises.


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