30 Pictures Of Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand


30 Pictures Of Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand

30 Pictures Of Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand 14

When we think about the time 90s. It seems to be interesting. Technology at this point was booming, but if you look back at this time period now, it’s comical how we used to live. They were first-world problems! Here are some Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand.


1. These kids will never get a chance to slide the metal thing.

2. VHS tapes were awesome, but they were so annoying to use.

3. OH NO! This picture is reminding me of so many awful memories.

The horror, the horror.



4. Those were the good old days!

5. If you really wanted to be ballin’, you started Poké Ballin’!

6. This whole controversy…

7. This fossil is literally the epitome of the ’90s.

8. Blockbuster was basically the Netflix of its time, but it was a magic place you could actually go to and smell.

For some reason, I’ll never forget the smell of Blockbuster.


9. McDonald’s Cookies!

10. RIP to this type of romance.

11. A scratched CD was probably the worst thing that could’ve happened to you.

12. If you had one of these, then you are pretty amazing.

I used to have mad respect for people with the biggest book of CDs.

13. We just called these “TV’s” but now they’re known as “tube TV’s,” I think.

Point is, there were a few glorious days in the school year when we saw this bad boy busted out!

14. Cereal used to be so much more fun, man.

15. Butterfly Barrettes

16. I do, I do!

17. We didn’t have Minecraft — we had Minesweeper!

18. Okay, so I know they brought back French Toast Crunch recently, but for a while it was only a 90’s thing!

I guess 90’s nostalgia finally won out! It’s a powerful thing!

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19. Ahh yes, the original.

20. We definitely have Fruit Gushers to thank for this terrifying fruit-head trend.

21. Remember trying to keep all these alive?!

22. I don’t even know what this is other than some other form of fidgetry — but our desks were filled with these.

23. Because of phones these days, this may never happen in class again.

24. Trying to untangle an angry knot of phone cord.

25. Kids will get in trouble for texting in class now, but we used to get in trouble for basically being assassins.

26. We don’t even need to go all the way back to our childhood to see how much has changed.

I must’ve gotten my first cell phone maybe 10 years ago? 

27. And lastly — goo! What ever happened to all the goo?

28. In a sense, we’ve always had fidget spinners.

29. Here it goes — when I was a kid, Nickelodeon was where it was at!

30. If you get this reference, you probably had a pretty great childhood.



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