3-Piece Rings Come Together To Create Cute Animals

3-Piece Rings Come Together To Create Cute Animals

3-Piece Rings Come Together To Create Cute Animals 1


If you could take your favorite animal with you everywhere you went, would you? Of course you would! We all would! There is nothing better than looking down or next to you and seeing your favorite animal painted on a backpack, purse, or on your shirt. So naturally, the next best thing would be getting to wear your favorite as jewelry. Which you can!You have to check out these new absolutely adorable three-piece animal rings! 3-Piece Rings Come Together To Create Cute Animals  

Mary Lou is a jewelry designer in Bangkok.

She makes these super cute animal rings!


They are made from brass and coated with enamel.



You are now sporting any animal you want!


All of the rings are handmade and shipped right from Thailand.

Will you be the next person to wear one of these sweet rings?


She makes adorable Persian kitties.

They come in orange, white, and gray.


Or bulldogs!

They also come in two colors.


Raccoons are one of my favorite little critters.

I definitely need this one!


This little fox is too cute for words!

If only I could get a fox in real life.


Feeling a little nutty lately?

Then this squirrel ring is exactly what you need.


If the three-piece rings aren’t your thing, you can try these instead!

Everyone could use a bear hug.


Maybe get in the Christmas spirit with this deer?

Rudolph is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.


With so many choices, it’s hard to pick just one!



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