26 Pictures That Definitely Require A Double Take


26 Pictures That Definitely Require A Double Take

26 Pictures That Definitely Require A Double Take 17

Every person have experience seeing a familiar object where it doesn’t exist at all. This phenomenon, known as Pareidolia, seems to hit us when we least expect it. Sometime looking into the clouds can give us the impression that faces are passing above us. Here are some Pictures That Definitely Require A Double Take. 

1. This psychedelic triple foam machine leak at the car wash.

2. The reflection on this building looks exactly like chromosomes. 

3. The foam at the top of this coffee looks like the Andromeda galaxy. 

I’m not sure I could bring myself to drink it. Its celestial beauty is too perfect.



4. This marshmallow that looks exactly like a finger. 

5.  This terrifying shadow was cast by this cute little dog. 

6. Somehow, the shadow cast by this towel looks like Donald Trump. 

7. This strawberry is giving everyone a big thumbs up. 

8. This sloth that formed on a bamboo table. 

9. This potato that looks like a person and has a perfectly formed eye and eyebrow.

10. This jet stream makes it look like water is falling from the sky to feed Yosemite Falls. 

11. This dog who doesn’t bark, but definitely “roofs.”

12. This paprika pepper that looks like a penguin. 

13. This salty cat found on the pavement made Reddit user ninethirteen913 do a double take. 


14. This bizarre hand contortionist  

15. These two photos showing how different the weather conditions can be in Colorado in just 48 hours. 

16. This piece of sandpaper that looks a lot like a delicious steak. 

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17. This building alcove jam-packed with chairs.

How? What? Why?

18. The pimple on this man’s tattoo makes it look like a beautiful sunset. 

That’s one way to see the silver lining about having a big whitehead on your forearm. 

19. The stain on this wood table looks like a dog taking in a sweet smell.

20. This person’s scab looks like a question mark. 

21. This man who put his foot in his mouth. Literally.

I bet he’s a fan of sole food.

22. I’ll leave you with this bird that is sporting President Trump’s iconic hairdo. 

23. This baby carrot that looks exactly like a tiny cowboy boot. 

24. This man’s mind bending reflection

25. The opening of this sock looks like a mouth yelling something. 

26. This tree full of goats.



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