25 Dramatic Examples Of People Going From Emo To Dreamo


25 Dramatic Examples Of People Going From Emo To Dreamo


25 Dramatic Examples Of People Going From Emo To Dreamo, Everyone face it, we’ve all gone through an immense transformation from our teenage selves. Being a teenager is characterized by a need to find your own identity and differentiate yourself from all the conventional problems, right or not? Things change and families are made. The current collection of “then and now” pictures comes from a massive thread where people were asked to show off their rebellious teen self and what they look like now. It’s interesting!

1: Remember this guy from back in the day? Pierre hasn’t aged a day! Wow.

2: We have another emo singer blast from the past with Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara.

3: “I became a fireman. If I talked to myself 8 years ago and said you would cut your hair and become part of the fire department I would’ve never believed myself,” wrote RealTerse.


4: This man is all smiles after finding the woman of his dreams.

5: “Then I was studying to become a designer listening to Brand New, Death Cab and Blink. Now I’m a designer listening to Brand New, Death Cab and Blink and having my first kid in a week,” wrote Okkido.

6: “I’m a special education teacher for high school freshmen. I teach kids like I was how not to do the things I did. So far, so good,” wrote Snazzy.


7: This man went from straight emo to family man.

8: “I’m in the US military now as an MP. Specifically US Air Force,” wrote BaSer.

9: “I got my @#& kicked into a man. Went to Afghanistan, came home, spent another 3 years in the army (6 years total) and now I’m out.”

10: This man took a big leap and became a police officer.

11: Remember Quin Allman from The Used?

12: Let’s keep the emo train going with another musician. Surely you recognize this dude.

13: “My 18-year-old Emo Self. I am a loving father and husband. Gone are the days of black hair… What a difference 10 years can make,” wrote Dex2787.

14: “Have a little family with my husband of 5 years and a 4-year-old son. Currently finishing up an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and applying to biological engineering and cancer biology PhD programs for graduate school,” wrote lethalallele.


15: This fella, who became famous as the guitarist from Hawthorne Heights, has made a transition that many from the emo crowd have made: emo to hipster.

16: “I was about 15 when I had a phase of about two years where I was a emo kid… Well now I’m 26 years old,” wrote Gudgrim.

17: Now this is probably the most extreme transformation from old emo self to new man.

18: This man also joined the military but still listens to his screamo from time to time. This is probably one of the most dramatic transformations I’ve seen so far.

19: This man transitioned from rebellious teen to events coordinator at a golf course.

20: “I still feelemo on the inside and secretly listen to the music… but I’ve done a 180 and am a graphic designer.”

21: “I’m the mom to a neat four-year-old, I’m married, and I’m the manager of a local convenience store. All things I told myself at 15 that I’d never do. I’m a boring adult but I think I’m better off now than I was then, that’s for sure,” wrote LemonMints.

22: OK, this is the last of the emo band transformations. Everyone knows these people, though, so it’s important to cover. Remember Hayley Williams from the band Paramore?

23: I leave you with this rebellious teen with a flat top compared to him now.

24: Remember I mentioned that a lot of emo folk ultimately made the transition from emo to hipster? Well, here you go.

25: While this woman replaced the blue hair streaks and low-flowing sweep bangs, she hasn’t changed all that much!

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