21 Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks


21 Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks

21 Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks 11

Duct tape is one of those miracle products that can do and fix pretty much everything. The reality is that almost anything can be fixed with a little silver tape. If you’ve ever seen The Red Green Show, you’re probably pretty familiar with the crazy, somewhat ridiculous projects duct tape is used in. Whether you’re stuck in the forest with nothing but a knife and a roll of tape or you’re at home just struggling with everyday life, you’re in luck. Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks. 

1. Take care of a broken bone in an emergency.

This isn’t a long-term solution, but it works in a pinch!


2. Or a hammock for less stressful situations.

3. Create custom stencils for DIY shirts!


4. Remove warts by covering them with duct tape.

5. Construct a homemade sled!

6. Put together a pair of waterproof emergency shoes!

7. Plug up a hole ’til you can get to the garage!

8. Use duct tape to maintain your seat position.

If someone else moves the seat, that’s ok! Just slide it back until the pieces line up.


9. Craft a duct tape canoe.

Sure, it’s a lot of work, but they actually float!

10. Use it to open tough jars.

11. Add grip to slippery shoes.

It really works!

12. Make a custom dress form on the cheap!

13. Protect blisters.

Just put some gauze on first!


14. Or make waterproof faux-quilted pillows for the patio!

15. While others coordinated just perfectly.

16. If you’re short on seating, duct tape will always come to the rescue.

17. Make a pouch for your charging station!

18. How cute is this Ziploc pencil case?

Duct tape and plastic freezer bags actually make super durable pencil cases that anyone can use. 

19. Seal And Store Caulking.

20. While the rest of us were trying to figure out the style, color, and fabric we wanted for our prom dresses, these teens were calculating how many duct tape rolls they needed.

21. Some people got very original in their designs.


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