21 Life-Changing Facts About Everyday Things


21 Life-Changing Facts About Everyday Things


Chances are we all know at least one person who serves on the face of it useless information. For some reason, certain individuals are able to remember the most random things, which can come in handy. But even though I’m not someone who is capable of remembering random facts. Just kick on it. Some Life-Changing Facts About Everyday Things. 

1. You know all of those annoying trailers you have to wait through before you get to see the movie?

Those used to be played after the movie. Hence the name “trailer”! 


2. You’ve most likely wondered what that tiny pocket is for on your jeans. I’ve always figured it was for change.

This pocket was actually designed for cowboys in the 1800’s who commonly put a pocket watch in there. 


3.  Think you know what a berry is?


4. Share this fun fact during your next dental checkup: cotton candy was invented by a dentist!

It was marketed as “fairy floss.” I wonder if they wanted more business or whether they regretted giving out cotton candy at the end of the day. 

5. There’s more to the signature line on a check than you realize.

6. The dab of toothpaste you put on your toothbrush has a name.

It’s known as a nurdle. Why would this have a name??

7. Holes in pen lids are super important. They can actually save lives!

They actually increase airflow and reduce the risk of choking if the lid is swallowed. 

8. Believe it or not, in the 1700s, chocolate milk was thought to have therapeutic qualities.

9. Notice anything different about one of the kings on these cards?

10. Did you know that the cardboard sleeve you put around your coffee cup has many names?

 I have a feeling if I asked for a paper zarf people would think I’m crazy, crazy right!

11. Croissants aren’t actually from France.

They originate from Vienna, Austria. 

12. You may feel like a failure if you don’t know that specific way to tie a tie. Don’t worry, you might have it right.

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13. The first webcam ever created wasn’t to video chat with friends. It was for a better reason.

14. Liners in plastic bottle caps were there for a reason.

Pretty important, I’d say. 

15. Ever wonder what the global footprint of toilet paper is? It’s not pretty.

16. You know that small piece of fabric that comes with certain articles of clothing? It isn’t for patchwork.

17. Now here’s one you’ll be able to use! That hole in the spaghetti spoon has a real use.

18. Everyone had a slinky when they were a kid. They happen to be exceptionally long when stretched out.

19. You’ve used a keyboard thousands of times, but do you know what the bumps on the ‘f’ and ‘j’ keys are for?

20. One Day 400 million M&Ms are produced.

In the United States, M&Ms are made in New Jersey and Tennessee. 

21. Where does Coca-Cola get that brown coloring from?



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