20 Totally Genius Command Hook Hacks


20 Totally Genius Command Hook Hacks

20 Totally Genius Command Hook Hacks 6

For telling about Command hock… From where do I start…??? Well, let’s start off with the fact that these tiny plastic wonders are both cheap and amazing! You can use these hooks for so much more than just hanging a picture. Command hooks are a renter’s best friend and an answer to every prayer for an easy way to hang up your stuff no power tools required! Browse through this list of awesome command hook hacks and let me know which one of these you will definitely be doing. For you I will be picking up some command hocks. Totally Genius Command Hook Hacks.

1: You can store your sunglass this way, too.

I have too many sunglasses…I need to do this! 


2: A genius way to store your tin foil and plastic wrap.

3: Hang a small wire rack on the inside of your cupboard door.

This way, you don’t have to drill into your cupboard doors. A great idea for renters for the bathroom or kitchen. 



4: You can do this on the outside of your cupboards, too.

A wire magazine rack is great to hold your straighteners and curling irons. 

5: Mount your toothbrushes to the inside of your medicine cabinet.

6: Use command hooks to hang banners.

This is going to come in handy for Christmas! 

7: Make a wall mount for your tablet.

Great for watching Netflix or for following a recipe in the kitchen.

8: Make a phone charging station.

9: Hide your cords

Stick some command hooks on the back of your tables so that you can run the cords down the legs and have them hidden from sight. 

10: Convenient dry goods storage.

Store your dry goods in plastic containers and use a command hook to keep a scoop attached to the container. 

11:Use command hooks around the kitchen.

Aren’t these colanders so pretty? They also double as decor. 

12: Hang your curtains

No power tools required. 

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13: Store your pot and pan lids the smart way.

Use command hooks on the inside of your cupboard doors to hold your pot and pan lids. 

14: Use command hooks to hang your wreaths…

15: A great way to store your belts

Attach a couple of command hooks to some open wall space in the closet. 

16: Hang things that couldn’t otherwise hang up using a command hook and a binder clip.

Let those dish gloves drip dry!

17: Make a shoe rack.

Frees up precious floor space and keeps your heels nice.

18: Mess-free appliance storage.

19: Stress-free morning coffee.

20: Wall mount your router.

Get it off your desk and out of your way.


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