11 Images That Will Totally Restore Your Faith In Humanity

11 Images That Will Totally Restore Your Faith In Humanity

11 Images That Will Totally Restore Your Faith In Humanity 2


The apple has apparent so abundant abolition and abhorrence afresh that it’s got us all activity appealing contemptuous about our affairs as a species.

In times like these, it’s important to bethink the good, for affectionate the admirable things our apple has to action agency we can authority assimilate the achievement that things will get better.

Every day, incredible people around the globe are doing amazing things. You just have to look a little closer.

1: This little girl who wiped Norman Reedus’ tears on the television.

This is too cute.


2: This Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle, Ronnie Stanley, who asked for       the “least adoptable” dog at the pound.

Go Ravens!


3: These Muslims, who have broken their fasts during Ramadan to                 donate blood in Orlando.

That’s love!


4: This 101-year-old woman who is taking care of her elderly son.

Once a mom, always a mom.


5: This elderly man who helped a young guy learn how to tie a tie.

It might seem small, but it shows so much depth of spirit!


6: This cowboy who hopped on his horse to rope a thief in a parking lot.

Hi Ho Silver!


7: This man who gives his shoes to a girl in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She’s overwhelmed.


8: This man who found an ingenious way to feed a litter of puppies.

Why is this so sexy?


9: This nurse who plead online for baby gear donations for a coworker         who was unexpectedly given custody of her newborn granddaughter.

The response from the mom community was huge.


10: This man who soothed his arthritic dog to sleep every night in the             water.

What a perfect depiction of the bond we have with animals.


11: This guy who thought it was worth his time to take a photograph of         a cute little snail.

Not sure why this one got me, but it did. Simple and sweet.



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