13 Stunning Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away

13 Stunning Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away

13 Stunning Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away 3


The world is a difficult thing to explain. There’s a lot of good in the world and unfortunately a lot of bad too. But the best thing about our world is that it keeps pushing through.

Because it’s hard to describe the world in just a few sentences, we take pictures and capture memories to remember how we felt in those moments. There are so many things that make the world beautiful: the sights, the people, the creatures, and everything in between.

1: Surfing one of the biggest waves in the world.

Looks beautiful, but it packs a powerful punch.


2: This abandoned lion cub became best friends with a man.

The beauty of friendship.


3: Lightning over Athens.

It took the photographer 30 minutes to capture 51 lightning bolts crashing into the ground. The man voluntarily chose to stand there. Crazy!


4: Eskil Ronningsbakken: a thrillseeker who balances on the edge of              1,000-ft cliffs in Norway.

Always stay balanced.


5: A boy rescued his dog and carried him through a flood brought by            the monsoon rain.

A man’s best friend.


6: He’s got his head in the clouds.



7: The beauty of Milford Sound, New Zealand.

A sight you could stare at for days.


8: A powerful tornado near Campo USA.

Too close for comfort.


9: Photographer Kirill Oreshkin gets a thrill taking pictures from great           heights.

He has no fear.


10: Tree camping in Elk, California.

Just hanging around.


11: Holding on for dear life.

But can’t keep the smile off his face.


12: These rock climbers found that rock sitting is much more enjoyable.

What a view!


13: She went for a casual boat ride.

And made it not so casual.


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