18 Ways To Prank Your Kids This April Fools’


18 Ways To Prank Your Kids This April Fools’

18 Ways To Prank Your Kids This April Fools' 8

THIS is how you make your children’s April Fools’. M Damn sure one they’ll never forget.

  1. Keep it fun
  2. Add some surprises
  3. Include a few treats

Are you ready to see all the ways you can accomplish the Best April Fool’s Day…Some Ways To Prank Your Kids This April Fools’. 

1. DIY soapless soap.

2. Greet them with googly-eyes.

3. DIY ketchup and mustard pranks.



4. Give them “donut seeds” and teach them to garden.

5. Switch the bags inside two boxes of cereal.

6. When your children are sleeping, switch them into each other’s bed.

7. Superglue some shiny coins to the ground outside your home.

April Fools’ isn’t complete without a few frustrations, right?


8. Get them good with grilled dessert for lunch.

9. If your children won’t be home during lunch on April Fools’ Day, you can send them off with this April Fools’ “moldy” sandwich bag.

Imagine the look on their faces!

10. DIY undrinkable juice.


11. Stuff some tissue into the toes of your children’s shoes. Then, tell them they must have grown into a giant over night.

12. Give them April Fools’ ice.

13. Leave a surprise in the mail box…

Before asking your children to go get the mail. 

14. Put a few gummy worms in their apples.

Hidden treats are the best!

15. Give your children some Brown-“e”s.

16. Put up a “For Sale” sign for the day.

17. If you have a newly licensed teen in your home, serve them with one of these.

18. Serve these fake spaghetti and meatballs as a newly instituted “second dinner.”

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