17 Times Life Wasn’t On Your Side

17 Times Life Wasn’t On Your Side

One day I thought that, when I get old is that no matter how bad things are, they could always be worse. Like, always. While remembering that other people have it worse doesn’t make your coworker less annoying or your sniffles any better, it certainly helps to get a kick out a bad situation. So why not try having a laugh at these times. 17 Times Life Wasn’t On Your Side. 

1: When you thought your economy car was just as good as your old truck…

2: When you messed up really, really badly.

3: When the office fridge became a war zone.

4: Like when your heel got caught in the grate.

5: Or you make the mistake of walking too close to the road.

6: When you left the dog alone for five minutes…

7: And when you had the worst luck ever.

8: When your tattoo didn’t go as planned.

9: When you got yourself stuck in a pickle.

10: And when you forgot to winterize the house.

11: When you knew you forgot something but just couldn’t remember what…

12: When your boss still wanted you to come in.

13: When you picked the wrong parking space.

14: When nothing was working like it’s supposed to…

15: And when that one friend just wouldn’t listen to you.

16: When you forgot how to use the shredder…

17: When you couldn’t afford milk, but your meal plan was covered.


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