17 Stunning Images You May Have Never Seen Before

17 Stunning Images You May Have Never Seen Before

17 Stunning Images You May Have Never Seen Before, Some images are a bunch of must-see pictures that you’ll probably never stumble upon otherwise. Some are rare and unbelievable, but all are absolutely incredible! All of these photos are phenomenal in their own right. Check it…

1: This “loaf” of art (actually called a murrine) by Loren Stump is made up of glass and each slice costs $5000:

2:  What the inside of one of Patek Phillippe’s, one of the finest watchmakers in the world, looks like:

3:  The US-Mexico barrier in the Algodones Sand Dune:

4: Coins stacked in such a way that they can extend past the table without collapsing.

5: The picture below is actually only one picture, and it isn’t Photoshopped either:

6: Perfect Pyrite cubes formed naturally in nature:

7: This Lenticular “UFO” cloud:

8: This fish, named the Black Swallower, eats prey 10x its size!

9: What a child’s skull looks like before losing its baby teeth:

10: GE’s unbelievably accurate CT scanner called Revolution CT:

11: Perfect geometry in cabbage:

12:  Brick laying machine:

13: The Fukang Meteorite, a pallasite (a type of stony-iron meteorite) found near Fukan, China in 2000:

14: An eclipse and a sunset happening at the same time:

15: What Hitler’s actual mustache looked like before having to chop it off…

16: A 3D-printed cast that uses ultrasound to heal bones 38% faster:

17: Manhattan, New York in 1609 vs. Manhattan now:

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