10 Photos That Prove The World Isn’t All Bad

10 Photos That Prove The World Isn’t All Bad


We all accept bad days. You know, the canicule that accomplish us catechism the apple and our abode in it. Those are the canicule we charge a solid admonition of the advantage all about us in the little capacity of life. Those are the canicule it affairs all the added to apperceive kindness, care, and benevolence still exist.

1: There are people out there who truly enjoy helping others and making their days a little brighter. 

These are the kind of people that deserve the internet’s attention. 


2: This gentleman proves kindness and consideration still exist in a simple act of helping       someone out.

There are people in this world who still truly care for others. Be one to find one. 


3: This “suit” stops on his way into work to show some care and compassion.

The smallest acts of kindness can have the biggest impacts. 


4: When the weather grew cold, it melted someone’s heart. They decided to donate their jacket to those who need it more.

This act of kindness happens all the time. 


5: This person wanted to brighten a stranger’s day in the cutest way.

This is what goodness looks like in Post-it form. 


6: This officer took the time to save a baby goose caught in a balloon’s ribbon.


7: This Hawaiian lifeguard made a dream come true for a wheelchair-bound veteran who only wanted to dip his toes into the ocean again…

With that dream fulfilled, they decided to do one better: surf! The look on his face says it all. 

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8: This little boy asked his parents if he could go to the bus stop early because he saw another boy standing alone and getting drenched in the rain.

Sharing an umbrella can make for the best random act of kindness around! All it takes is a rainy day…


9: When someone needed a few photos colorized, this online user did it instantly and without asking for anything. But then…

He got this epic thank you box full of treats in the mail. Who says gratitude is gone? 


10: When this person forgot to buy a parking pass, a random stranger did it for them.



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