16 Amazing Hacks For Comfortable Shoes

16 Amazing Hacks For Comfortable Shoes

16 Amazing Hacks For Comfortable Shoes 2

It’s not being worse than buying a cute pair of shoes and finding them to be incredibly uncomfortable; especially when it’s your first time wearing them out and you’re trying to break them in. Yet, no matter how damaging this shoe is to our legs, we refuse to get rid of them because we love them. Here are some super easy and useful tips that will make your shoes more comfortable. 16 Amazing Hacks For Comfortable Shoes.

1. Quiet squeaking shoes with baby powder.

2. Waterproof shoes with beeswax.

3. Prevent your heel from slipping out with heel grips.

4. Wool socks + dryer for a painless break-in.

 5. Banish blisters with clear gel deodorant on blister-prone spots.

6. Sandpaper soles for better traction.

7. Fix slippery heels with a DIY innersole.

8. Use moleskin to cushion tight shoe straps.

9. Tape your third and fourth toe together to hack high heels.

10. Stretch shoes by filling freezer bags with water and placing them in the freezer overnight.

11. Widen the shafts of boots with leather stretch spray and newspaper.

12. Smelly shoe remedy.

13. Fix a worn down heel with instant heel caps.

14. Make your flip flops comfy by adding fabric.

15. Save your soles with gel arch inserts.

16. Stitch cloth to repair the heel of the shoe.

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