12 Kids Who Expertly Owned Their Teachers

12 Kids Who Expertly Owned Their Teachers

Homework is worst, so it is no wonder and start to mess around with their teachers. In hindsight, I wish I had been more creative in my homework answers; chances are the teachers would have laughed…or they would have held me back a year. Regardless, here are some kids who are braver than me when it comes to handing in their homework. Some Kids Who Expertly Owned Their Teachers.

1. This is an objective question 

2. 2 cool 4 skewl :p

3. This is the best answer, ever

4. Is the shoe fits…

5. But WERE they? Who’s to say?

6.  Honesty is always the best policy

7. Seriously, why are these kids so realistic?

8. The sassy attitude is real

9. Someone (older) definitely told him to write this

10. Patriotism 

11. She isn’t wrong

12. Minecraft 


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