10 Children Who Were Lost For Years, And Finally Found


10 Children Who Were Lost For Years, And Finally Found

10 Children Who Were Lost For Years, And Finally Found 11


When you see the headlines about missing children, all you want is a happy outcome. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough, but sometimes those kids do come home. 12 kids who defied the odds and, after years away from their families, were finally reunited.

1: Gregory Jean Jr.



2: Amina Ali Darsha Nkeki

Captured and held for two years by Boko Haram in an incident that made headlines around the globe, Amina was rescued by a local vigilante group. “When we arrived at the house, the door was closed, I asked the mother to come and identify someone, the moment she saw her, she shouted her name,” the group’s leader told the BBC. “She gave her the biggest hug ever, as if they were going to roll on the ground, we had to stabilize them.”




3: Steven Stayner

Steven was aducted by a known pedophile when he was 7 years old and held captive for 8 years. When his captor abducted another young boy, Steven resolved to escape with him. The pair hitchhiked for 40 miles before finding the police and reuniting with their families. Sadly, Steven passed away in a motorcycle accident when he was 24.


4: Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard was 11 years old when Phillip and Nancy Garrido shocked her with a stun gun and bundled into their car. She endured 18 years of unspeakable horrors in a shed in their yard before being rescued.


5: Shawn Hornbeck

He was found four years later, four days after his captor came home with another boy.


6: Carlina White

Carlina was abducted from a Harlem hospital when she was just 19 days old by a woman posing as a nurse. Carlina knew that woman as her mother and her own name as Netty Nance. She didn’t learn the truth until she was 23 years old, when she saw a photo online that looked exactly like her own daughter. Of course, that photo was her as a baby, as a DNA test proved.


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7: Steve Carter

Amazingly, inspired by Carlina’s story, Steve also solved his own kidnapping.It turned out he had been abducted by his mother and his name had been changed from Marx Panama Barnes. His father had been searching for him for 30 years.


8: Natasha Ryan

Natasha disappeared from her home in Australia when she was 14 years old. The two later married and have a son together.


9: Julian Hernandez

Julian was only 5 years old when his father kidnapped him, but he didn’t know he’d been abducted He only realized when, at 18, he started applying for colleges and discovered that the Social Security number his father had given him was fake.


10: Xiao Yun

Presumed dead for 10 years, Chinese woman Xiao Yun was found a Chinese internet cafe when she was 24. After an argument with her parents, she ran away from home and spent the next decade living and playing games in internet cafes around the country.




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