Pictures That Show The ‘Ideal’ Woman Throughout The Years

Pictures That Show The ‘Ideal’ Woman Throughout The Years

In the ’20s, “flappers” came to prominence. The preferred body type shifted from prominent body features to a more stick-like figure, lacking big breasts and having a smaller butt.


No doubt you know who this is. In the ’50s, Marilyn Monroe was considered to be absolutely stunning, though some people questioned whether she actually fit what was “in” (curvy and wearing corsets again, an hourglass figure).



The ’60s made a turn for the worse, preferring extremely thin bodies. This was called a “twig” body.


Did someone say Amazonian? The ’80s saw a preference in bulkier, taller women. It was alllll about the legs!

The current “desired” female body features a massive butt and super flat stomach. In my opinion, this is the worst of all. Trying to achieve both of those things becomes extremely unrealistic because of genetics, not to mention how hard it is to achieve.





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